Becoming a parent is a daunting task for anyone, whether planned or unexpected, by traditional methods or alternative ways and everyone can use a helping hand, a guide through the process. For same-sex parents the choice can carry additional challenges and considerations.  It isn’t often as simple as relying on family and close friends; many times it requires the first-hand experience of someone who understands your needs, an extended family designed to make the addition of your new addition a pleasant and seamless one.
Whether considering a traditional birth, surrogacy, foster to adopt, private adoption, or foster situation, there is a company designed specifically with you in mind, OutBaby NYC, and we are prepared to make your developing family needs our priority.

Find out how OutBaby NYC can assist you.

Baby Planning Basics

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OutBaby NYC provides unparalleled knowledge of and experience with adoption and foster agencies and as well as private adoption knowledge and connections to surrogacy opportunities and outlets. To get the first stages of your parenting process started click here to find out more information.

Baby on the Way

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The bun is in the oven, now what? Time to find a physician, pediatrician, pre and post-natal classes, not to mention preparing the rest of your life for the arrival of your child.  Here’s how we can help.

Baby Has Arrived

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Congratulations, you’re parents!  Did you register for gifts, is there a religious ceremony to be performed, is the nursery ready, do you want to consider a nanny?  This time in particular is fun and exciting and and exhausting; you don’t have to do it alone. Here’s what we can do for you…

Baby Growing UP

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You just brought the baby home and now it feels like they’re already out the door doesn’t it?  Time for school, activities, birthday parties, play dates and doctor visits. Let OutBaby NYC provide guidance on how these experiences can be handled as gay and lesbian parents.   Read more.

Nannies, Sitters, and more…meeting the needs of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered headed families

My OutFamily

Nannies, Sitters, and more…Oh my!  OutBaby is off to a fab start. Did you know one of the great things OutBaby does??? OutBaby offers Nanny finder services and sitters with as little as 24 hour notice to the gay, lesbian, …
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PS 321 Summer Camp 2012

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Do you know what your kids are doing this summer? Schools Out 2012 – and summer camp and after school expo Do you dread trying to plan out the kid’s summers?  I just received a flier with all the details.  …
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